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Behind November 8, 2010

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I am so freaking far behind in Nano it is beyond funny at this point.  My main mistake was to underestimate the complexity of my life right now.  There is just so much going on, it’s no wonder I barely have time to write.  On top of my job and my running there is still a house to keep up, dinners to cook and animals to take care of.  Add to that the fact that my car is in the shop and the ceiling in my kitchen is leaking… again… and my stress level is at its breaking point (that happens a lot lately).

Tonight there is a write-in at a local Starbucks and I think I’m going to have to go and really get down to business.  The problem?  It’s not within walking distance, and as I mentioned before, my car is in the shop.  So I have decided that if I can’t make it to the write-in, I will just have to go to my local Starbucks that IS in walking distance and do my own write-in.  Really all I need is a gingerbread latte and a tasty pastry and I’m good to go!

So here’s hoping that I can catch up to my goal tonight!  I’m sure I’ll update on my progress again soon!


Bad November 5, 2010

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It is now officially day five of Nanowrimo.  I have been through all of the emotions one would expect.  Anticipation, excitement, trepidation, disappointment, anger, frustration and of course self pity.  The past four days have been such an experience, I never expected to care so much about Nano.  When I heard that you needed to keep up an average of 1700 words a day to meet the required 50,000 words to become a “winner” I thought to myself “pshhhhhh…. 1700 words?  That’s NOTHING.  I will fly through this!”  I was half right.  In theory, 1700 words really isn’t that unattainable of a goal.  Writing 1700 words when every single one of them sounds wrong to you however is an entirely different matter.

I am here to tell you people, writers block is real.  It is a living breathing monster waiting in the proverbial bushes to leap upon you at the first sign of free time.  You can spend your entire day coming up with brilliant plot points and brilliant dialog in your mind only to have it go to complete crap the moment you actually get time to write any of it down.

So that is where I am at right now.  I spend 3 hours last night attempting to write those aforementioned 1700 words.  I did meet my goal, but the point is IT TOOK ME 3 FREAKING HOURS!  That is really the trick to Nanowrimo, not just the word count that you have to worry about, it’s the time it takes you to get there.  Because honestly, who among us has a daily 3 hour block of time to dedicate to anything that is purely recreational?  If you do, please stop reading this blog and go get a damn job, also… I hate you.

Let’s see what challenges and surprises day 5 of Nano bring!  I’ll let you know!


Sick November 3, 2010

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Well it had to happen sometime right?  But why, for the second year in a row, did it have to happen on Halloween?  Is it some cruel joke?  In case you didn’t know, I am talking about the flu.  That’s right folks, the flu has officially stolen two Halloweens from me.

The bigger problem?  Nanowrimo of course!  It has officially been going on for two day now and though it has been difficult with my illness, I have managed to stay on track.  I am currently at 3458 words.  I am really happy to not be behind because of all of this nonsense, and look forward to writing even more than necessary in the coming days.


Nano October 29, 2010

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Can you feel that? “Feel what?” you ask.  The pressure of course!  Can’t you feel the immense pressure of Nanowrimo bearing down on us?  I know I can!  With only two days remaining to pull together my outline, plug up the holes in my plot and quite possibly rename the main character I am feeling a little overwhelmed.

Part of my problem is that the story I have really is good.  No really, I swear it is!  Just like everyone’s story.  I really do believe that all writers have great stories and wonderful ideas, but most of them get lost in translation.  Who among us hasn’t read a book and said “Golly!  That was a great idea, and it could have been a great story if this author had any grasp on the English language and/or the ability to write dialog.”  I know I have.  Now I find myself in the position of REALLY not wanting to be THAT author.

When I imagine holding the first draft of my epic novel in my hands, I envision myself gazing upon it adoringly.  I want to feel an overwhelming sense of joy, pride and accomplishment, but I fear that all I will feel is shame and the urge to vomit.

For now, I must push my fears to the back part of my mind.  Tonight I will go home and (after tooling around the addictive Nanowrimo forums for a while) do some serious work on my plot!  All I need is a box of Zen tea, a clean table and my Pandora Enya channel.