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Socks August 24, 2010

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Did you know how important socks are?  I didn’t!  When I graduated from my daily 1 – 2 mile jog and bought my new running shoes, the saleslady also sold me on socks.  She told me about a very scary condition called black toe and all about how I could lose a toe by running in cotton socks.  I figured “what the hell, I’m already dropping over $100 bucks on these shoes… what’s another $10 for socks?” so I bought them.  I’ve been running in said socks for months now while I worked my way up to 8 miles.  Last night I had an 8 mile run, but I couldn’t find my socks.  I figured “no big deal, socks are socks right?” so I put on my cotton socks and hit the road.


Right around mile 5… I could REALLY feel the socks.  They were rubbing really bad on the arch of my right foot.  By mile 7 I was sure my feet were bleeding and by mile 8 I could barely move.  It really slowed my run down, leading to me running by myself after dark on lakefront trail.  I couldn’t help but imaging muggers and monsters behind every tree, and that’s probably the only reason I didn’t give up and walk with my bleeding feet.

So, lesson learned… cotton socks = bad!

On a positive note, I have officially registered for the Chicago Half Marathon on September 12th!  It will be my first race ever and was the goal in my mind when I started running.  I’m really proud of myself for how far I’ve come so far and looking forward to knowing how it feels to finish a nice race.