Reflections Of A Lackluster Life

The Random Thoughts Of A Captive Midwesterner

Me – In A Nutshell January 17, 2010

Starting this blog is the sum of an enormous amount of contributing factors. I don’t have anything particularly special that I want to share, no message I feel compelled to shout from the rooftops, no political agenda I want to push. This blog will likely be no different that the thousands (millions?) of other blogs out there. My life is nothing special, I don’t stand out or shine in any way, my life is merely lackluster.

So why would you want to read about a lackluster life? Well, I’m not even certain that you would. For all I know, these words will shoot out into cyber space never to be seen again, sort of like that mythical tree that falls in an empty forest. But if there is something here that you deem interesting, then I welcome you.

Welcome to my lackluster life.


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