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Speed January 14, 2011

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Last night I tried something new.  Thursday is my last running day before a day of rest, and it’s not a very long run.  This week it was 3 miles, a distance that is starting to feel like a waste of time.  3 miles?  Sure, that distance scared me when I started running, but that was  a long long long time ago.  So I decided to start using Thursday runs to work on my speed.

I split my workout into different intervals, 4.5mph and 7mph.  I ran a quarter mile at 7 (pretty much my top speed if I want to be able to run for more than 30 seconds) and then recovered for a minute to a minute and a half then I went back to sprinting another quarter mile.  I did that for three miles.  I finished my 3 mile way faster than normal doing this and I didn’t feel like I was going to die like I do when I attempt to run the entire run at the “sprint speed”.

Today I feel fine, though I was a little worried that the increased tempo would lead to increased muscle aches, that just isn’t the case.  I will continue to work on my speed intervals and track my progress on my long runs to see if my work is shaving any time off of my run.



One Response to “Speed”

  1. Belle Says:

    Great job! Speed or Hill intervals are my favorite things to do when I am confined to a treadmill. I swear that the harder you work the faster the times goes! Also, I love the feeling of heat rising from you neck and face when you finish a really tough workout 🙂


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